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Severe Tire Damage on TV

A band that sucks this much really shouldn't be on television. But since the TV folks always bought us dinner and beer (and beer and beer), it was a good thing. Here are clips of Severe Tire Damage that have hit the air worldwide.

Britain's SkyTV (Nov 19, 1994) DOWNLOAD

Computer Chronicles (May 2, 1995) DOWNLOAD

Nanotopia (Nov 13, 1995) DOWNLOAD


Using the Internet (PBS, 1996) DOWNLOAD

Korea's MBT, part 1 (Jan, 1997) DOWNLOAD

Korea's MBT, part 2 (Jan, 1997) DOWNLOAD

USENIX Introduction (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD

USENIX Talk Excerpt (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD

USENIX "Chris Killed Your Dog" (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD

The Internet Cafe (PBS, 1997) DOWNLOAD

Austrian TV (ORF, Sep 8, 1997) DOWNLOAD

New Media News (Nov 19, 1997) DOWNLOAD

Windows Refund Day (Feb 15, 1999) DOWNLOAD

History of the Internet (July, 2014) DOWNLOAD

STD and the Rolling Stones (Oct 7, 2022) DOWNLOAD


Severe Tire Damage Video Time-Wasters

It wasn't easy filling an hour show every Wednesday night. So Severe Tire Damage created a few videos to kill time between sets. Proactive slacking: from the only band that really cares, Severe Tire Damage.

Perspective on History DOWNLOAD
An in-depth look at the impact of the Internet on broadcasting. Features Peter Douglas, founder of the Museum of Magnetic Recording.

Severely Damaged Tires Breakfast Cereal DOWNLOAD
A commercial for "another fine collateral product from the first band on the net, Severe Tire Damage."

Severe Tire Damage News 1 DOWNLOAD
The only news program by, for, and about Severe Tire Damage. Includes cigar smoking news anchor and a look at sports. Features Elizabeth Wertheimer, an actor and friend of the band.

Severe Tire Damage News 2 DOWNLOAD
More news no one needs. Includes news anchor knocked out by microphone boom and "too much fiber." Features Elizabeth Wertheimer, an actor and friend of the band.

Band on Demand DOWNLOAD
A fake video made on May 15, 1999. In a gratuitous attempt to be on the Internet 24/7/365, Severe Tire Damage invented "Band On Demand". Live video from our website would show us patiently sitting around, waiting for someone to choose a song, at which time the band would race downstairs to play it. Another stupid idea from Severe Tire Damage. When Terry Winograd requested some Severe Tire Damage video of Mark Weiser for SIGCHI '99, the Band On Demand concept almost fit, so we added Terry's request for "Pincushion Boy" and it became Mark's first posthumous band appearance.


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