The new band line-up



   I've come up with a daring plan for our economy
   The work would make good jobs and be a spur to industry
   With drills and high explosives it'd be a piece of cake
   Let's sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake

Lets sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake
It'd make a bunch of beaches for all the tourists' sake
We'd have a riviera just north of Baltimore
On old Lake Pennsylvania -- the country's newest shore

   It's close to the Atlantic, there's not much to tear down
   We'd move Philly to South Jersey and then let Pittsburgh drown
   I know folks would be angry, but soon they would agree
   When they eat tuna netted where Altoona used to be

Lets sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake
Although the Pennsylvania Dutch are bound to bellyache
Just hanging off Lake Erie and too large to ignore
It's old Lake Pennsylvania -- with Scranton out the door

   Both New York and Ohio and West Virginia too
   Could add new ports and lush resorts to soak the well-to-do
   The region's ecosystem could sure use the relief
   With civil war memorials turned into coral reefs

Lets sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake
It might just happen anyway the next time there's a quake
Sure, we'd lose some livestock, but as I said before
We'd get Lake Pennsylvania -- with waterslides galore

   There's flooding in the bible, and that is good advice
   Holland does it often; Hell, Johnstown tried it twice
   And if it proves successful and works the way we think
   Then Kansas or New Mexico could be the next to sink

Lets sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake
We could always dry it out if we've made a mistake
We'd leave the Alleghenys for islands and what's more
We'd get Lake Pennsylvania -- Lake Pennsylvania
We'd get Lake Pennsylvania -- the country's newest shore

Like some new Atlantis that we learned how to make
Lets sink Pennsylvania and then put in a lake



   Louis, Louis -- oh my -- I really must go
   Louis, Louis -- oh baby -- It is imperative that I go

A lovely young girl is awaiting me
So I'll arrange passage across the sea
To see her, I would even sail alone would ever actually make it home

   Louis, Louis -- oh dear -- I really must go
   Louis, Louis -- oh honey -- I certainly must depart

For the duration of three days at sea
I will muse on the lady obsessively
Afloat, I will sense her everywhere
Seeming to smell the rose that she affects to wear in her hair

   Louis, Louis -- yes yes -- I really must go
   Louis, Louis -- no no -- My egress is imminent

The signs will all indicate that I am in Jamaica's waters
And soon I will be in the company of my enamorata
Being properly forward, and after much embracing of her
I would explain that I will not ever leave her for another seafaring venture

   Louis, Louis -- oh oh oh oh -- I really must go
   Louis, Louis -- oh my -- look at the time!
   Louis, Louis -- Shake it shake it yeah -- My time is really up
   Louis, Louis -- oh baby -- I really must go



Wanna pop some corn
Wanna pop some corn
Wanna, hey?
Wanna, hey?
Wanna pop some corn



Hot stuff gets colder - there is no doubt
Thermodynamics just evening out
The same thing goes for you and me
We're suffering from High Entropy

Our love was so hot when we started in
But the highs got lower then the lows wore thin
And now we can see what's going to be
You and me and High Entropy

   High Entropy -- The degradation of all matter and energy
   High Entropy -- To an ultimate state of inert uniformity

Once there was movement in our love affair
But we've grown static cause we just don't care
Inertia's killing you and me
With a case of High Entropy

Love gets old like a dying star
The fuel runs out and then there you are
No potential energy
Stuck here with High Entropy


You could give me chapter and verse
About the heat death of the universe
But that hot air would fail to be
Descriptive of High Entropy

When two known quantities fail to spark
When there's no way to get out of "Park"
When all that's left is misery
Baby that's High Entropy



You see their posters up on posts
Their fliers on the curb
Some angry young garage-band tryin'
To get their music heard

They'll have a name that makes you grin
Derivative at best
They'll play their music so damn loud
You'll feel it in your chest

   You'll know they've hit the big time
   A smallish one, at least
   When some mag has the Scratch'n'Hear
   That has their band's release


But first they'll find some local clubs
And play for half a dozen
Members of the other bands
That showed up with their cousin

And if they start to fight too much
They'll go out and record
In studios as tiny as
The price they can afford

   They'll think they've hit the big time
   A smallish one, at least
   When some mag has the Scratch'n'Hear
   That has their band's release


And in the end a demo tape
They'll try in vain to sell
And learn the way the music biz
Can lead you into hell

And when they've finally grown too old
To flout their artful youth
They'll pull out that old Scratch'n'Hear
And so avoid the truth

   They thought they'd hit the big time
   A smallish one, at least
   When some mag had the Scratch'n'Hear
   That had their band's release

   (When black plastic comes alive
   Like a floppy '45
   It has grooves, but I'm afraid
   The needle bounces when it's played

Words & Music: Paul Rubin, except "Louis, Louis" (Berry & Rubin) and "Indiancorn" (Kingsley & Rubin). All arrangements: Paul Rubin & the Combo. Engineer: Greg Talenfeld. Recorded: Oct 98-Mar 99 at Waterworks. Thanks to: Tom Cassar. Copyright 1999 Rubin Brothers Audio