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Buy Severe Tire Damage Stuff

Once upon a time, Severe Tire Damage had all these amazing things to sell:


Match Book Tattoo Condom T-Shirt CD
Matches Temporary Tattoos Condoms T-Shirts CDs


But then the barbarian hoardes descended on us and bought it all up. The end.

Isn't that a nice story, children? No, don't cry. Please! I'll buy you a lollipop. Or maybe a CD. Wait, I have a better idea...
You buy the CD.

Yes, you can still get our compilation CD for the low, low price of $9.99. This CD combines our wildly-popular first album Who Cares with our rightfully-ignored second album Trial Starter Kit. We call it The Best We Can Do.

Where can you get it? Why, right here. And, of course, on Amazon.

Enjoy it loudly with your friends!