Playlist for Who Nose?

January 24, 1998

Merchandising the Wright Brothers Bob Newhart The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart
One Cup of Coffee Paul Shaffer Coast to Coast
Kitty Kat Max 1000 Clowns Kitty Kat Max
The Rodeo Song Showdown Dr. Demento's Mementos
King of Spain Moxy Fruvous Bargainville
If I Had $1,000,000 Barenaked Ladies Shoe Box E.P.
Wipe Your Eyes Lee Dalton Wipe Your Eyes
Girl on Theology Electric Amish Barn to be Wild
Shoehorn with Teeth They Might Be Giants Lincoln
Yoda "Weird Al" Yankovic Dare to be Stupid
Nugget of Joy / Zingor Space Ghost Musical Barebeque
Do Not Go to Tennessee Austin Lounge Lizards Small Minds
Ballad of the Blue Cyclone Ray Stevens Greatest Hits, Volume II
Cheese Roll Call Animaniacs Variety Pack
Crabs Walk Sideways The Smothers Brothers The Best of the Smothers Brothers
Tossed Salad Chris Rock Roll with the New
Live at Drury Lane, Side 1 Monty Python The Instant Monty Python CD Collection, V.3
Dune Buggy Presidents of the United States of America Presidents of the United States of America
Shaft Sammy Davis, Jr Now!
Beans in My Ears The Serendipity Singers Tacky Tunes
Big Umbrella Cab City Combo Aqua Lounge
Boobs a Lot The Holy Modal Rounders Dr. Demento's Delights
Rock 'N Roll McDonalds Wesley Willis Greatest Hits
Any Girl of Mine Bruce Alan Me & Paula Jones
Born Under a Bad Sign Simpsons Sing the Blues