Loaded Boxers

Loaded Boxers CDs have only been given as gifts at Burning Man. If you have a Loaded Boxers CD with cover art, you're one of the few, the proud...
Smell The Load (Burning Man 2000) LISTEN TO ALL
      Big Yellow Taxi
           Joni Mitchell. In about a minute.
      59th Street Bridge
           Simon and Garfunkel go goth.
           The Sound Of Music classic, but with the original Nazi lyrics.

Smell The Boxers (Burning Man 2001) LISTEN TO ALL
      King Of The Road
           AC/DC meets Glen Campbell. Guitar solo rips off Yes. Contains some objectionable lyrics.
      Jamaica Farewell
           Harry Bellafonte on crank. Guitar solo rips off BB King. Contains some objectionable lyrics.
      The Candy Man
           The Smithereens meet Sammy Davis Jr.
      Dukes Of Hazzard
           Tom Waits meets Bo and Luke.
      One Tin Soldier
           The single most annoying song of the 1970s meets Loaded Boxers. Contains some objectionable lyrics.
      My Gurl
           Devo does Motown. Elvis scats a verse.
      Rainbow Connection
           Kermit The Frog gets pithed.
      Fat Bottom
           Queen's classic happy hillbilly stomp. Guitar solo rips off "Hot Rod Lincoln".
      The Banana Splits
            Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky meet Loaded Boxers.

Dilaudid Boxers doing their Biggest Hits ever! (Burning Man 2002)
(Loaded Boxers Live at Applejack's.)
      King Of The Road
           You can feel the crowd go silent on the line, "Don't need no fuckin' cigarettes."
      My Girl
           An alienated audience member comes up during the middle of a song to complain.
      Rainbow Connection
           "No one is dancing. This music isn't even danceable." No duh!
     Fat Bottom Girls
          Further polarizing the crowd. This is a biker bar with a hard-drinking crowd.
      59th St. Bridge
          Good thing we're highly medicated because we're going to get the shit kicked out of us.
      Big Yellow Taxi
          Then a miraculous change begins.
      Good Old Boys
          Suddenly we notice some of the crowd is singing along.
      One Tin Soldier
           We just might get out of this alive, if we can only ignore the big hairy bats flying everywhere.
      Country Boy New song.
          If John Denver were manic depressive AND cranked to his eyeballs, he might sound like this.
      Oompa Loompa New song.
          Featuring the Solid Gold Oompa Loompa Dancers.
      Jamaica Farewell
          Compliments after the gig: "That was really horrible!" followed by manic laughter and song suggestions...
      Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown New song.
          Art school dropouts inspired by the Bauhaus movement might play it this way.
      Anal Vise
          Overheard during the gig: "I've heard this guy play before, I can't believe he's lowering himself to this..."
      The Candy Man
          Overheard response to preceding comment: "Then you obviously don't know him very well."
      Swinging On A Star New song.
           Bing Crosby gets Blood, Sweat, and Tears in his eye. ...on amphetamines, of course.
      Tra la la
          Special thanks to Gomer Hendrix and D-Mo for live production help, and to all our friends who showed up. You guys rock.

Loaded Boxers: Live, Locked, and Completely Loaded. (KZSU bootleg)
      Not available in stores.

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