Hair Of The Dog

Welcome to HOTD, the blue collar bar on the playa.

HOTD is not a barter bar.

HOTD gives tasty, soothing, icy cool beverages to all our new and old friends. The quickest way to be our friend is to donate something we need. Useful things include, but are not limited to:
Ice, mixers, and booze for all the thirsty people.
Guitar picks, bass and guitar strings, and other music related goodies.
Back, foot, and other rubs for weary bartenders.
Snacks, food, and other consumables.
You'll have a harder time becoming our friend trying to give us beads, cigarettes (though cigars are great), or other stuff you wouldn't pick up if you saw on the street.

There are other great ways to be our friend:
Get on stage and do something. Musicians onstage get their drinks replenished and delivered frequently. Don't play an instrument? Try a dramatic porn reading.
Do something that makes your bartender glad they're helping you.
Help sort our trash and recyclables.
Bring your own cup.

HOTD's stage is for everyone.

HOTD provides a complete stage.
Guitar, bass, rhodes keyboard, amps, drum kit, monitors, pa system, microphones, on a well lit, raised stage. Better stuff than you'll get in most small bars and clubs. Or bring your own instruments. We'll move stuff around and hook you up.

Everyone who plays an instrument is welcome on our stage.
HOTD doesn't require tryouts or demo tracks submitted in advance. Bring your whole band if you want, folks you want to play with, or just show up. HOTD has an in-house stable of decent musicians to fill a band in styles ranging from bebop (I dare ya!), blues, rock, punk, cuntry, funk, jammy hippie shit, bluegrass, lounge jazz, but we specialize in 1970s porn movie soundtracks.

In addition to the musicians that live at HOTD, we're very happy to have attracted a number of Really Good Musicians each and every year. It's really valuable to us when a player with decent chops hangs around and helps out by sitting in with players who might not ordinarily get a chance to play out much. Remember when someone gave you the chance to play above your expectations? Now it's your chance to give back to the musical melting pot.

More info on equipment and HOTD's musical mission here.

HOTD in past years.

HOTD has been around for quite a while.
The past few years it's been "Hair Of The Dog" or sometimes called HOTD by people who are atracted at night to the big HOTD sign. Before it was "Hair Of The Dog", it was "Spanky's Bar". The Blue Light District was home to lots of HOTDoggers back in the day. Old school.

HOTD, sanitized for your protection.
Here are a few photos, video clips, and sounds to make you want the Hair Of The Dog. There is lots more, but this is all outsiders get. If you've camped with HOTD and want to know where the rest of the stuff is, send mail to LOTHAR THE LIBRARIAN .
Dramatic Porn Readings are popular.
I'm not a porn star, but I play one on TV.
HOTD years ago.
Sangria on Sundays.
Lounge jazz?
Hippie shit?
Jarvis during a quiet moment
A sleepy moment bartending
VIDEO: Prom From Hell
Total runtime: 66 seconds
Th - Prom.Russ.Mike.Naked.gomer
Part of the Prom Pickup Band
Always nice weather.
  370 Second Jam
ET recorded some audio.

House band of HOTD.
Th - Prom - eric.jarvis and crowd
A party starts.

Burning Toast Man is cool, too.

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